Adrival Free n Easy AWG


Dam : Iris Sparkling Image at Adrival
Sire : Mansergh Song Thrush
Date of Birth – 22nd May 2010

Freeway Jumping Freeway Jumping

Freeway has always been that extra special and energetic little dog who simply adores agility, just like her father Bryan.

Not happy or at home in the show ring Julie decided to look at a new quest for Freeway turning her hand to agility; completely self taught at home in the paddock initially Freeway seemed to have found her forte at last! …  just like her father Bryean! together Julie and Freeway hit the circuit with some awesome and sweeping results! Freeway simply just loves this new and fast paced activity which is clearly much more ‘up her street’ and actually became their Clubs Top Agility League Table 2014 Winner in just twelve months!

To date, she has earned her Kennel Club Bronze, Sliver and GOLD Agility Warrant which is a great achievement, she is now officially known as Adrival Free n Easy AWG, winning herself a bountiful stash of rosettes and trophy’s for the Adrival kennel.  Freeway now competes in Grade 7 competing with all the Champions eek! .. you can follow Freeway right here on her own page or catch up on the Latest News page above.

Freeway (Iris Sparkling Image at Adrival ex Mansergh Song Thrush) began her Agility training in January 2013 starting off of course in grade one, and in only her second competition she gained:

1st 1-4 Graded Jumping

2nd 1-4 Graded Agility

2nd 1-4 Combined Agility

In her third competition she gained:

2nd 1-3 Combined Agility

Clear Round in Jumping 1-3 Combined

In her fourth Competition she gained:

1st 1-2 Graded Agility

1st 1-2 Combined Agility

Freeway pictured below left and right wins herself out of Grade one and begins in Grade two .

 Freeway agility


Freeways Trophy ..

This is a very proud Freeway – Agility League Table Winner 2014

Freeway 1 Freeway 2

Freeway 3


January 2012: Life might be fast paced for this little dog but she is also quite obedient for a Border Terrier as her Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze certificate above proves.

February 2014: and Freeway was placed 5th with a clear in the 1-4 Combined Jumping at Ribble Agility Club from an entry of 52 – not bad for a Grade 2 dog giving the 3 and 4 Grades a real run for their money.

March 2014:  and Freeway wins 1-2 Combined InterClub Agility, taking their Agility Club – Wigan  up to 4th place in the Lancashire  Area.

Pictured here below is Freeway with just some of her winnings in less than twelve months ….  January 2013/Sept 2013 – still can’t believe she’s a Novice..

 Freeway Jumping


Freeway and agility rosettes

May 2014 :
2nd in grade 1-3 agility
1st in grade 1-4 agility

She has now won out of grade 2!
Clear round in grade 1-3 combined jumping
1st in grade 1-4 jumping

June 2014: Wigton Agility Club

1st 1-5 Graded Agility
1st 1-7 Graded Jumping
1st 1-5 Graded Agility


* Freeway has now won out of Grade 3

July 2014: Lune Valley DTC

1st 1-4 Graded Agility

2nd 1-4 Combined Jumping

2nd 1-3 Combined Jumping

Clear Round 3-5  Agility

Freeway gains her Kennel Club Bronze Agility Warrant, which means she is now officially known as Adrival Free n Easy AWB

Freeway Freeway

Freeway pictured below has done Julie proud yet again as she won Wigan A&A. B.T.C Clubs small dog, and placed Jumping and Overall Winner 2014.



February 2015: Ribble DTC

‘Freeway’ WON Grade 4 Agility and now moves up to Grade 5 where she will compete with the Champions eeek!.

Following an injury taking her out of the ring during the summer, Freeway has come back – “a winner“!!

October 2015: 1st time out since February at Shrewsbury & District D.T.C. weekend 10th & 11th October: 


October 2015 Latest News

Freeway   2nd Grade 5 Agility
                  1st Grade 5 Agility
                  Clear Round Jumping Grade 5-7  

February 2016

Good start to the season at Ribble Dog Agility Club

Freeway wins 5-6 Agility

March 2016

March 2016 Latest News TAG

May 15th  2016

Freeway wins Grade 5 Agility

June 24th 2016

June 26th 2017 Latest News

Freeway wins Grade 5 Agility, also taking a 3rd in another class

July 3rd 2016

July 3rd 2016 Latest News July 3rd 2016 Lune Show winnings Latest News

Freeway wins Grade 5 Agility

July 16th 2016

July 16th 2016 Latest News

Freeway wins Grade 5 Agility

This now takes Freeway up to Grade 6 where she will be competing with all the champions  eek!

July 20th 2016 ITS OFFICIAL!

Freeway receives her Agility Warrant Silver, taking her status to Adrival Free n Easy AWS

August 13th 14th 15th 16th 19th 20th 21th   2016

August 26th 2017 Latest News


Hare n Hounds 2016 a Hare n Hounds 2016

Freeway wins her first Grade 6 Agility, 2nd in another Grade 6 class and on the last day she wins 6-7 Agility

Hare n Hounds 2016 Hare n Hounds 2016 a

Wigan End of Season Results

Latest News Wigan End Season results 2016


June 26th 2017: At Lune Show Freeway takes a 3rd in Grade 6 Agility

June 26th 2017 Latest News

June 30th 2017: Lune show is awarded 4th Agility Grade 6-7

Lune 2017

September 30th 2017: Dog Vegas – Freeway wins Agility Grade 6-7

October 1st 2017: Freeway takes a 2nd 6-7 Jumping and helps the ‘Team of Four’ to a win at the Phase Purple Event

October 1st 2017 Latest News

October 15th 2017: TAG 2nd 6-7 Graded Agility

June 2018: Freeway achieves her Gold Agility Warrant in style