Adrival the home of beautiful and talented Border Terriers

Based in the North West of England with over thirty years experience of breeding and competing Working Hunters and chasing Point to Point horses under the Luna prefix Julie has also managed to establish this small yet successful Kennel (which was duly passed and approved by the Kennel Clubs Assured Breeder Scheme Assessors in 2014) with her Show and Working dogs of stamina, Border Terriers, and has consistently albeit occasionally produced some really beautiful and talented puppies of such outstanding quality.

Under the Adrival affix all puppies born here descend from those well respected, traditional and experienced old lines which are the closest to Julies heart. These are dogs who are confident and intelligent, are motivated, alert and active, are of sound temperament, well mannered, balanced and really do want to work, show or play.

 Julie with Sky & Ross

These Borders Terriers display brilliant coats with a conformation which is spanable in rib, who are so true in movement, not too tall in leg, with good heads and most importantly have superb temperaments to die for.


Puppies born at this Kennel are bred out of sheer love and respect with a total admiration of the Breed and an even stronger desire to carry on with some of the oldest and most traditional successful lines in Border Terriers.  These pedigrees are from a time when folk knew a thing or two about dogs their purpose and original intention, which by the way is exactly what the Kennel Club now promotes – ‘fit for function’, fit for life’.

New homes who are successful in ownership of these puppies cannot believe their luck and frequently return time and time again to secure yet another puppy – check out Adrivals Testimonials page where some owners have felt compelled to write.

Where it all started

Successfully breeding and competing Hunters at County level whilst chasing Point to Point horses, keeping them all fit, shod, well schooled, healthy and attired requires equally as much time, dedication and financial wealth as possible; over the years much of Julie’s expense which this hobby naturally generated happened to be from her Equestrian Veterinarian, Mr John C Gilliver BVSc MRCVS from Lancashire UK. Both being fellow enthusiasts and competitors of these stunning Hunters John Gilliver and Julie became professional good friends, some years later John purchased himself a beautiful little Border Terrier bitch (this being his all-time favourite breed) from the Holcomb Hunt named ‘Orbost Spirit Measure’ to which Julie had watched grow with interest and ultimately finding herself totally smitten.  John and this gorgeous little dog were always together as it became his constant and devoted companion.  They were always together either around the veterinary yard, at call outs and of course at the many Horse Shows and events which both Julie and John attended.

In 1999 John Gilliver used the renowned Sire Ch Holcomb Jack Daniels to produce a stunning litter of puppies.  Waiting patiently in the wings was Julie herself who was quick off the mark in securing a young male pup from this litter named Deuglieglen Baileys; naming him ‘Zak’.


Zak (pictured above left & right)

Much to Julie’s delight right from eight weeks of age Zak began to show the exact same attributes as his parents with that overwhelming intent to please, soon both he and Julie became just as inseparable doing everything possible together.  Julie was besotted, in fact, she was gone! …… and Zak felt exactly the same way in reciprocating this total devotion.

Just like his mum Zak could also now be found attending every horse event, either looking after or hanging around the horse box, the practice ring, overseeing the schooling arena and ménage, or simply hacking out with the horses, this little BIG dog with a temperament to ‘die for’ was always there.  He did however love to drape himself on the sofa and chill out with Julie when at home but do not be fooled as he was also a dog just as keen and bold to work on fox, rabbit and of course loved nothing more than to get involved when the chicken sheds were being moved or the feed bins by the release pens – on rats!  Zak was also steady to the gun either in the beating line or at the Clay butts (as Julie is also a keen and very successful Ladies shotgun enthusiast), he was a good strong swimmer and soon became admired and well sought after by Julie’s large countryside friend base and the local farming community.

Being a confident young man Zak’s other passion was the show ring and the many Game Fairs which Julie attended where he won several Championships from being a very young puppy right up to and becoming classed as a Veteran.  Indeed his success with every challenge placed before him rapidly became the envy of so many … and looking back only a few years earlier Julie knew exactly how that felt!


Here you can see Zak (above left) with one of his grand children and Julies Jack Russell ‘Charlie’ and of course Zak and the Adrival family (pictured right).

Many others also saw this dogs’ potential as a fantastic Stud dog as they too found themselves wishing to own such a Border Terrier who had all these wonderful qualities; strong working and showing yet playful attributes together with such a fantastic temperament – he was soon in great demand. Julie on the other hand was determined not to allow ‘over studding’ and so Zak was permitted only six carefully selected wives throughout his lifetime and each of these were from the horse fraternity and those whom Julie knew best and trusted implicitly throughout his career.

Zaks first mating was to Keeperslodge Bracken who produced an outstanding litter, each of this progeny were also destined for the horsey folk of the UK and Ireland, but one little bitch was kept back for Julie’s dear friend and fellow competitor of many years Julie George-Ainscough from the Achouffe Kennels in Lincolnshire this little bitch’s name was Golden Slipper into Achouffe aka ‘Bailey’ but then there begins another story.

Golden Slipper into Achouffe Ch Gameway Kiwi

This little Border Terrier Golden Slipper into Achouffe in turn produced Achouffe Murphy Gray at Adrival aka ‘Murphy’ who was by Tricia Clarkes multi Champion Ch Gameway Kiwi and was kept for Julie (Adrival) to ultimately replace the now elderly Zak. Murphy projected the now known Adrival Kennel and has himself been successful in the Show ring whilst also at the Gamefairs qualifying for ‘Countrymans Weekly’ Earth Dog Running Dog’ at his first Jubilee outing, and gaining his Kennel Club Stud Book No. qualifying him for Crufts for life from Kennel Club Championship Shows.

Achouffe Murphy Gray at Adrival (Murphy) pictured below left & right


Determined to continue with the old and trusted lines, Julie also kept a puppy from a repeat mating of Zak and Bracken (Deuglieglen Baileys ex Keeperslodge Bracken) – this was to be Julies foundation bitch, Iris Sparkling Image at Adrival, better known as ‘Hollie’ and so the real story of Adrival was born.

Although lightly shown Hollie qualified for Crufts and won Best in Show at the Liverpool Terrier Club Premier Show qualifying her for the National Terrier Club ‘Terrier of the Year’ 2011 and here below you can see Hollie with some of her children and pictured below left with her daughter Adrival Free n Easy (Freeway) whom Julie kept from this litter.



Above left: Adrival Free n Easy – Freeway               Mansergh Song Thrush – Breyan

Julie carefully introduced the Mansergh lines which have in turn born her numerous success. In 2013 Julie qualified two siblings from her most recent mating for Crufts 2014 and again in 2015, earlier in the year 2014 Julie turning her hand to Agility competing with her homebred Adrival Free n Easy at Kennel Club run events with sweeping results.  You can catch up with these dogs on their own pages.

In these videos you can view Iris Sparkling Image at Adrival and Achouffe Murphy Gray at Adrival being shown and handled by Julie at Crufts

Kennel Club

Take a look at ‘The Adrival Agility Team’ below..

Its doubtful there are many Kennels consistently producing such talented Border Terriers for others too.

The Adrival Team

May 2014 : The Adrival Team

Adrival Coastal King (Fin) won 1-4 jumping Grade 1
Adrival Free n Easy (Freeway) won 1-4 graded jumping Grade 2
Adrival Simply Betty (Betty) won 1-4 graded jumping Grade 4

February 2015: ‘Freeway’ WON Grade 4 Agility and now moves up to Grade 5 where she will compete with the Champions eeek!.

… and here below – as well as brains, Adrival Border Terriers also have beauty! or so the Championship Show Judges think ..

Siblings Kaz (on the left) and Mavis qualified for Crufts 2015 at Blackpool Championship Show 2014.

Skyfall and Firesky

Below you can further find a couple of ametuer videos of Julie’s Border Terriers playing in the fields surrounding Julies’ home and the Stables where she keeps her horses.  All these dogs live, sleep and play together, thoroughly enjoying their lives completely to the Max!  …..


adrival2 adrival1

Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme