December 22nd 2017; A repeat mating for Adrival Care Free ex CH SWED CH Sweeping Fox Trot for Kgills (SWE IMP) Adrival are pleased to announce the safe arrival of five healthy puppies consisting of three handsome boys and two gorgeous little girls.  Sally and her new babies are all doing great.

Adrival Care Free
CH SEWD CH Sweeping Foxtrot for Kgills (IMPE SWE)
D.O.B 22/12/2017

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In the early hours of the morning Sally produced a beautiful litter of five new puppies, all of which were all sold before they were even born.  Here you can see just how these three handsome little boys and two stunning gorgeous girls grew so quickly with their ever increasing, inquisitive wanting to know in exploring their new surroundings.

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Adrival is consistently committed to producing healthy, confident, well handled and adjusted puppies, which enables them to settle in their new homes and stride out into a brand new world with confidence.

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ADRIVAL announced the safe and natural delivery of nine beautiful, healthy even puppies; seven gorgeous girls and two handsome baby boys.  They were born full term to Adrival Firesky ex CH SWED CH Sweeping Fox Trot for Kgills (SWE IMP) who all arrived in the early hours of 21st April 2015 and although this is Mavis’s first litter (a delightful mixture of Blues’ and Grizzles) both she and her offspring are doing extremely well.

CH SWED CH Sweeping Fox Trot for Kgills (SWE IMP)

Mavis’s puppies at day one and again at two weeks (pictured below) and boy have they grown; Mavis is proving to be a super mum.

1 Day Old Border Terrier Puppies  DSCN2073


As a member of The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme the Adrival Kennel adheres strictly to this schemes code of conduct, and although it is consistent in it’s breeding, this Kennel is normally far too busy to produce puppies on a regular basis as Julie is either competing at Agility or exhibiting her dogs at both Open and Championship shows, or riding out, showing and even judging HUNTER classes at horse shows.  Therefore here you will find an ‘if and when’ status of puppies available and where you can learn about Adrivals previous litters. The breeding practices of this Kennel are covered by a Kennel Club Approved Risk Assessment, Method Statement with all Fire Procedures and Safety Policies in place, and has consistently passed the Kennel Clubs Assured Breeder Scheme Inspection with no recommendations required – see an Adrivals KC Certificate at foot of page.

As a committed and approved Kennel Club Assured Breeder the breeding ethics of this kennel are second to none.  Adrival prioritises the welfare of its breeding bitches using only healthy SLEM (SPS) tested CLEAR girls who meet strictly with the Breed Standard.  They must be over the age of two and under the age of seven.  Only healthy, carefully selected and health tested compatible stud dogs are used.  Adrival responsibly restricts its breeding activities loving nothing more than to keep these girls ‘fit for function’ and ‘fit for life’ thus ensuring that first and foremost they enjoy life completely to the full and definitely not as a machine to be bred from. Furthermore, you’ll also be pleased to learn that Adrival places just as much importance on their elderly dogs as its youngsters because each remain and continue to live out their lives as adored and much loved family members together with Julie.

Adrival puppies really are bred out of sheer love, with a total respect and true admiration of the Breed together with a determination to carry on with these wonderful lines as she consistently breeds for quality and type..    Here on this website potential new puppy owners are able to enquire in their quest to source and secure a puppy but who can also expect an extensive personal interview.  However that doesn’t put people off, in fact new homes who are successful in ownership just cannot believe their luck and have frequently come back time and time again in order to extend their canine family.

Take a look at Adrivals Testimonial page above or via the ‘click link’ below and read what just a few new puppy owners had to say about their own Adrival experience.

Adrival PUPPIES born: 08/11/2014

Adrival Free n Easy AWG – Sire: Mansergh Song Thrush ex Dam: Iris Sparkling Image at Adrival

Balehaugh Boy – Sire: CH Brumberhill Bestseller JW SHCM ex Dam: Thornleyhaugh Thistle

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In line with Adrivals own ethics and breeding practices this is Freeways third and final litter; so stunning and outstanding was her previous litter that this is a repeat mating thus all the same attributes apply as further below.

Adrival Puppy
Adrival puppies are so chilled and relaxed …………

…. and boy! here they are …. ‘The Border Line’

Below you can see just a small array of Adrival puppies from being with mum, weaning, playing and exploring their surroundings to settling into their new homes together with their delighted new parents…

Adrival PUPPIES born: 01/11/2013

Adrival Free n Easy AWG – Sire: Mansergh Song Thrush ex Dam: Iris Sparkling Image at Adrival

Balehaugh Boy – Sire: CH Brumberhill Bestseller JW SHCM ex Dam: Thornleyhaugh Thistle

PuppiesThis was a litter of outstanding quality with all seven new-borns already sold prior to their birth, so eagerly and yet patiently awaited for by their new parents.

As always these puppies were only available to permanent, motivational, loving and forever  homes and were ready to join their new families from the age of eight weeks.  All Adrival puppies arrive with a Kennel Club Assured Breeder Pack, are fully insured, carry Veterinarian Health Check Certificates, are fully wormed, have received their first vaccination, are issued with a Contract of Sale which also includes a money back guarantee and new owners are also given puppy food plus a toy which the litter mates have been playing with and a comfort blanket which the siblings have slept on to help in the transition of separation.

They leave with a 100% ‘back up’ facility where Julie is available 24/7 for their new owners and all the puppies which she breeds as standard and normal practice.

‘Rocco’ aka Balehaugh Boy pictured below is presented as Freeways partner and father to this litter whose lineage goes back to some of the oldest and all-time top winning lines in Border Terriers.

RoccoKennel Club

Happy and motivated Adrival puppies grow on to enjoy every aspect of their lives be it on your lap, out in the field of work, on the Agility circuit, in the Show ring or just simply playing around in the garden  ……  and what better and even more fun ALL Adrival puppies are true ‘Water Babies’ …


…. in these two pieces of video (below) you can see Adrival Borders from previous litters enjoying Agility.

Click here to read Just a few of Adrivals Testimonials …

…. and this is ‘Monika’ (below) who happily lives with her new parents by the sea in Cornwall, see her new parents testimonial using the link above.


Adrival also produces happy and talented winning Border Terriers for others too as these delighted owners will tell you, pictured below are Adrival Agility dogs and their owners as they show off just some of their 2014 rosettes and trophies.

Happy Owners

Just one new puppy enjoying his new home and first experience of snow ..


Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme