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Just a few Testimonials …

After visiting various Border Terrier puppies all over the North West of England, we were recommended Julie by a mutual friend. What a change, we were so impressed by both Julie and her dogs, because make no mistake, our dogs remain her dogs forever.

She has such a close, warm connection with all the puppies she brings into the world, it is just wonderful to see.  We brought Fin home at the end of July 2010. Julie gave us everything we needed to have confidence in our ability to be good parents, with the reassurance to ring with any problems, and what a friend she has been in the years since.

We were so happy with Fin, that in April 2012 we brought Millie home to complete our family, what a joy they have been.

Trevor and Jane – Lancashire

Having decided we would like a Border Terrier puppy, we found Julie on the internet via the Kennel Club Assured Approved Breeders list.

On meeting Julie it was obvious how much care she took when it came to breeding Borders, which extended to ensuring potential buyers were suitable in caring for her puppies.  We visited Julie on a number of occasions initially prior to the puppies being born where Julie discussed the breed with us and took on board our previous experience with dogs, and our ability to provide a good loving home.

Once the puppies were born Julie was happy for us to visit regularly, including selecting the puppy we would like, and regularly sent us updates with photos as to how they were progressing.

On collecting the puppy Julie provided us with the KC Breeders Pack with helpful advice and literature of her own, plus items of bedding and toys to help our new puppy to settle in her new home.  We would thoroughly recommend anyone to buy a puppy from Julie.  Our baby has turned out to be a really super little dog, with a wonderful friendly, eager to please temperament.  We don’t believe any dog could be better.

Julie is always happy to offer friendly advice or answer any questions wee have, giving good aftercare to anyone purchasing a puppy from her.  We keep in touch and receive updates regarding Julie’s dog family, and know that Julie has a keen interest in how our dog ‘Bailey’ is progressing.

Steve – Lancashire

Buying a Border Terrier from Julie Bone? .. well what can we say?!


Julie will not let her puppies go to just anyone, so be prepared for a grilling! This is one of the reasons why we have had two Borders from her kennel. Her dogs come first and are, first and foremost her ‘family’, and Monica was welcomed into ours in 2011.

On being accepted to purchase a puppy, Julie explains everything you need to know and is always at the end of the phone if you need help, advice or support at any time after taking your puppy home. She is very approachable and always happy to help.  We have met many of Julie’s dogs and all are fine examples of the breed, well socialised with fantastic temperaments.

When you take your puppy home Julie makes sure you have everything necessary to help your puppy to settle – a starter pack of high-quality food, a towel, a piece of vet bed and a toy so the puppy has a familiar smell, and of course, a special booklet with essential information.  There are so many good things to say – far too much to write here, but we cannot recommend Julie highly enough.

Janette & Kevin – Cornwall

I just wanted to put a few lines together to share with you what a fantastic experience we had when adding a new puppy to our family from Adrival.

Our journey began when we spotted a beautiful little border terrier called “Ivy” she caught our attention at Chatsworth Country Fair in August 2014, so much so that I had to chat to the owner to find out where this perfect little Border Terrier had came from.   Ivy was breed by Julie Bone from the Adrival Kennel and via the internet I made contact with her (a truly wonderful lady).

I can honestly say I have made a true friend in Julie, just through the process of buying a puppy which was such an enjoyable and professional experience.  Julie is totally dedicated to her brood of dogs who share her life fulfilling and creating many of Julies hobbies.

Our introductions to Julie and the brood started way before our puppy was born.  Julie invited us into to her home in order for us to meet the brood.  We already have a 14 month old Border bitch called Beau who travelled with us to meet the family and who in turn enjoyed being shown off to Julie.

The process of buying a puppy from Julie was a two way process, where everyone needs to agree that we will make good parents. Having made that commitment and being approved by Julie we were invited to visit many more times.  We now have a new addition to our family “Otto” who is our brand new 9 week old Border Terrier puppy, again bred by this Kennel Club approved Kennel.

The process was everything and more, we received a fantastic service in buying a puppy from Julie, right down to the support pack that we left with on the day.  We left with a fully inoculated, grounded, well loved puppy with a full 3 months supply of food, documentation including 2 sets of insurance, toys galore and a comfort blanket to complete this transistion.

The ‘after care’ service extends way beyond collection of your puppy and Julie is always available to help and provide advice on both our dogs, but more importantly Julie cares enough to need regular updates on your puppy.  A fantastic service and  a truly dedicated and caring breeder.

Melissa & Jez, Beau and Otto – Yorkshire

We found Julie to be helpful and professional throughout the process of buying our Border Terrier puppy who is now 14 months old.   Julie picked our puppy for us, (please don’t be afraid to let her do this), as she chose the perfect temperament to match our personalities and our requirements.   We now have a fabulous pet and Julie is still very much a part of his life, and we’ve gained a friend as well. She continues to give help and advice whenever required.

Julie and Graham – Lancashire

‘Ludo’ is our one year old much adored and frequently admired Adrival Border Terrier.  She is a beautiful healthy bitch, she is confident and moves well, is an excellent companion that is faithful, friendly and clever with a great sense of fun. She has a wonderful temperament and is good with other dogs,  children and old people. We think it’s all down to the breeding, what a job well done at Adrival. We can earnestly recommend Julie as very caring and professional breeder.

Ludo - Border Terrier

Sylvia Alan and Matthew – Inskip Nr Preston Lancashire

What a great experience. We had been looking for a good  Border for some time and to be honest we’d had a few bad experiences during our search.  We contacted Julie following a notification from the Kennel Club.  She was extremely informative, providing links to her web page and lots of information regarding the lineage of her kennel and the puppies and most importantly pictures of the litter and Freeway, their mum.  We were made extremely welcome every time we visited Julie and her canine family. We were very impressed with the way these little guys were being looked after, the happy and well balanced outlook on life which her mature dogs expressed and Julie’s genuine conviction to bringing on the temperament and character of the breed and it’s standard was outstanding.

Adrival Midnight Rebel aka ‘Flynn’ has been with us now for three weeks, what a little star he is proving to be, a typical ‘little terrier’ already and so full of beans; having said that though he’s the smartest terrier we’ve ever had (and he is now our number 4). I’m sure if our previous dogs were still around today they would have welcomed him into the pack with open paws.

Thanks Julie

Mark & Michelle – Wales

We looked for breeders on the Kennel Club website initially and came across Julie and the Adrival Border Terriers. Immediately upon meeting Julie it was clear how much of a passion and love she has for her dogs and all the puppies!

Julie was very welcoming and let us visit herself and the gang anytime even prior to the puppies being born.
When the puppies were born Julie was excellent at sending us updates and photos weekly of the puppies and telling us how they were getting on, this was wonderful!
When the day finally arrived to go and pick up our little Matilda we were so excited and Julie shared in this experience, giving us a pack full of information and familiar toys. Matilda is now 12 weeks old and is developing into an amazing puppy with a great temperament.  To us Julie is an amazing breeder with passion and love for what she does.

Jess, Sam & Matilda – Lancashire

Just a brief write up of our experience getting little Poppy from Julie.

Julie kept us up to date on our puppy’s progress with emails and pictures from our time of speaking to her, right up until the collection date. We travelled up to collect and was made to feel very welcome in her home and even met the rest of the Adrival gang.

Julie provided information from her own experiences owning and breeding border terriers. We were sent home with information, puppy packs, food, comfort blankets, toys etc.  To start off we had a longer journey than most to get home as we travelled back to Jersey, Channel Islands. Poppy was so relaxed both in the car and on the ferry. She took everything in her stride and has had a lovely nature and temperament about her right from the start.

Poppy is 13 weeks old and is now out exploring everything in the big wide world. We feel she is intelligent and has picked up tricks and commands with ease. Just like on the journey back, nothing seems to phase her. She loves meeting people and other dogs no matter how big they may be.

We feel privileged to have got Poppy and am sure we wouldn’t have got a border like her from anywhere else. Julie has reassured us that she is always at the end of the phone should we want her advice or have any concerns or questions (no matter what they may be). It goes to show that she is 100% committed to her dogs, their well-being and their future. We have assured Julie we will keep in touch, send pictures and hopefully visit when we are up North in the UK. 

Stephen and Holly – Jersey

We had heard about our first Adrival puppy which we purchased  from Julie by a mutual work colleague and made arrangements to visit. We were shown our new boy with his siblings and mother Holly as well as meeting the extended Adrival family, not forgetting ‘Charlie’ the Jack Russell. We spent at least a couple of hours playing with the puppies (time flies when you’re having fun as they say) and talking about their lines which we discovered were strongly connected to our old Border Terrier dog ‘Tan’. 

We were also thoroughly vetted on our suitability to have the puppy, which was very reassuring as it showed us how strongly committed Julie is to the long-term welfare of the pups she breeds.  Fortunately for us we both work from home and love being in the garden or walking in the surrounding fields, so we could give lots of time to the dog. 

We were encouraged to re-visit which we did and had many more hours playing with the puppies. 

The ‘Puppy Pack’ provided by Juie had everything we needed for the first few weeks in his new home. ‘Breay’ as he is now called, settled in great, he never cried at night and we always know that we can call Julie for help if we need it. 

Breay is a super little dog, very friendly and loves other dogs, so much so we got him a playmate, another Adrival puppy, she is called  ‘Ivy’, out of Freeway, Breay’s full but older sister. They are the best of pals and we are very fortunate to have them both.

Ian & Sandra – Lancashire